At Tack we love to hear tales of salvation, the story behind the family heirloom or a great find from the antique shop. Operating out of a converted barn in Western, Ma. Hannah Ray, the upholsterer behind Tack works to restore and revitalize old or special pieces of furniture that are well made and well loved. Tack’s goal is to return furniture back to their youth, making the old, hip, current and loved once more. 

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Family heirlooms, antique finds, and side-of-the-road treasure: Tack is all about returning furniture to its heyday.  The daughter of a seamstress and a builder, Hannah Ray, Tack’s sole upholsterer and proprietor, combines an eye for textiles with a love of three dimensional design.  With a BFA in textile design and numerous apprenticeships under her tool belt, Hannah has returned to her roots, converting her old childhood barn into a fully operational studio space in Florence, Massachusetts.  Adding to the quality craftsmanship, Tack is one of few upholstery studios offering interior design services.  Hannah works with a range of clients, helping them to hone their vision and choose the right pieces, colors and patterns to perfect their space. 

My maternal grandmother, though long since passed away, has a strong presence in my life and home. Her beloved wingback chair, the one that she would be sitting in, eating potato chips and drinking her glass of sherry in the late afternoon, whenever I would walk into her home on Cape Cod... that chair is now in my living room. Hannah loved the potato chip story, recognized my attachment, and once seeing my home and style, gently encouraged me to consider a more contemporary fabric and facelift. Hannah was amazing from start to finish. She spent a few hours with me helping to select a gorgeous and sturdy fabric (one of her many talents and trainings) that while more modern, retains the elegance of the chair, matches our color schemes, as well as accounts for the impact of a working household with a 4 year old’s sticky hands. Her craftsmanship and attention to detail on the reupholstering itself is phenomenal. Additionally she made both cosmetic and structural touchups to the woodframe, added details (like buttons) to the chair, and reupholstered the matching stool without my asking. The finished project is now not just a living memorial to Nana, it is a beautiful compliment to our home, and one of our nicest pieces of furniture.
— J.G.S. Northampton, MA
Hannah made a pair of drapes that absolutely transform the living room. The style she suggested — back tab — makes for a tidy pleat the the top. The effect is crisp but informal. She was great with fabric swatching and selection, and she certainly worked with the color and style already in place. We’re delighted.
— Diane Florence, MA

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